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“S4Labour gives our frontline managers full visibility of labour and deployment within their businesses, and its ease of use empowers them to not just save on labour but also drive sales opportunities. S4Labour has certainly helped us as a company achieve both.” – Nolan Spratt, Director of Managed Houses, SA Brain

Save on your Wage Bill

Labour costs are typically the largest expenditure for any hospitality business. Through marrying rotas to sales forecasts and historic trends, S4Labour identifies times when a site is likely to be overstaffed. This allows for the reduction of staffing levels at these times, saving on unnecessary labour spend. Many of our customers report annual savings of over £10,000 per site.

Drive Increased Sales

S4Labour also highlights times when your site is operating under stress conditions, with too few staff on shift to efficiently serve the volume of customers in your business. Being understaffed results in missed sales and rushed service. Achieving optimal staffing levels allows you to maximise sales, both in the short run and by generating long term repeat custom.

Improve Service Levels

Great service is at the heart of hospitality, and S4Labour helps your team deliver it. Minimising times when staff are rushed or standing idle will promote better service, as well as boosting staff morale and motivation, all of which will result in positive customer experiences that drive long term success.

Greater Staff Availability

S4Labour helps your business avoid scheduling staff for unnecessary shifts, allowing them to be redeployed to fill shifts at busier times. Employee productivity will be optimised without the need to increase headcount and the hassle of recruitment. 

Save Time & Hassle on HR Tasks

Managing the human side of your business can be difficult and time-consuming. S4Labour saves site managers and head office HR staff time and hassle by bringing functions including holiday management, contracts, employees’ personal information, and performance reviews all into one quick and simple system.

Stay Legally Compliant

By managing contracts, right to work for both domestic and international employees, minimum wage regulations, holiday accrual, and breaks in shifts, S4Labour helps your business stay fully legally compliant.

Engage & Motivate Employees

Our customers find that S4Labour helps their employees to stay happy and motivated by increasing their job satisfaction and personal investment in their work. Giving team members access to their rotas and the ability to request holidays online improves their engagement with your business and boosts morale.

Improved Business Insight

S4Labour’s comprehensive reporting suite can provide next-level analysis and insight of your business’s conditions and performance, helping staff at every level of management make the right decisions to achieve long-term success.

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