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Catton Mobile

Access S4Labour on the App! Designed to manage your workforce and keep staff engaged. 

Employees benefit from increased ease and accessibility. They can view their rota, edit their personal details and request holidays using their smart phone. Responsibility sits with the employees, giving them more control and saving time for managers.

App Functionalities:


All of our customers can enjoy the benefits of TAPs, our new feature that electronically signs people in and out of their shifts within the app.


TAPs is driven by GPS data and enables employees to tap in and out on their mobile, when at site. The app is all you require, so there is no need to purchase external hardware.


TAPs brings live clocking in and out to everyone. Managers can sign off shifts throughout the day, making it easier to keep track of start and finish times. This increases the accuracy of your rotas and helps with the management of hours worked. 


Unlike other clocking in and out systems, TAPs will work with transfer shifts, when employees are working away from their usual site.


Managers can view sales and labour figures for the current day and week. Area managers will have access to reporting information for all their sites. These reports are organised by GPS location, presenting sites in order of those closest to you first, making it easier to access the most relevant information.

Document uploader

Catton Mobile enables you to take pictures of documents and upload them straight to S4Labour. Documents are not stored on the phone, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. 

Who’s on shift

For area managers, there will be photos of who’s running the shift so they know who to engage with. It will also show the team scheduled at that time so they can benefit from more familiar interactions with site-level staff. 

Contact us to get the app set up for your organisation.

Available on Android and iOS. Search Catton Mobile on the App Store or Google Play.


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