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A Fully Integrated System

We have established links with many leading EPoS and payroll providers, allowing sales data to automatically populate into S4Labour, and facilitating easy and correct payment of employees.

We also work closely with the best training systems to help you ensure your team members provide excellent service, and that your business stays legally compliant, and integrate with leading property management systems to further assist operators offering accommodation. 

Real Time Updates

S4Labour is a live system. The intuitive Labour Demand Graph responds in real time to amendments to your sales forecast and rota, immediately displaying the likely effectiveness of staffing levels. Variances in labour spend against a budgeted labour percentage are also displayed dynamically as the week progresses.

One System for Multiple Sites

Whether you have one venue or 200, S4Labour adapts to even the largest operators. Comprehensive reporting allows top level users to analyse performance across their entire estate or regions within it, while other users can be set up with varying access levels as appropriate to their position.

Rota Sign-off and Notifications

When rotas are completed, S4Labour automatically emails employees to notify them of their shifts. Area managers can also be notified for their sign-off and view the rota-completion status of all sites within their areas.

Comprehensive HR Module

Launched early in 2017, our HR Module empowers you to take even fuller control over the human side of your business. Features include digital contracts, head office approval of new starters, the ability for staff to request holidays through the system, and the logging of employees’ performance reviews.

Tools for Better Forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting leads to better labour management. S4Labour provides all of the tools needed to make the best managerial predictions, including local weather forecasts, historic sales data, and reporting on sales trends.

Template & Printable Rotas

S4Labour allows for the creation of fully modifiable rota templates, saving the hassle of creating a fresh schedule every week. All rotas can also easily be printed or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Extensive Reporting

The system comes with a suite of intuitive, exportable reports designed to give site managers and head office staff improved insight into their business. As well as offering vision into individual sites, reports exist to compare performance across different sites within the same organisation – ideal for single or multi-site operators.

Accessible on Any Device

As a fully cloud-based system, S4Labour is accessible on any device with an internet connection, including tablets and smartphones, allowing users to move beyond the constraints of the office PC.

Training & Support

We’re committed to helping your business get the most out of S4Labour. As such, a half day training course is included in the set-up price for all new customers, as well as a series of follow up phone calls. We also offer a support desk service, with our dedicated support staff available seven days a week.

Legal Checks

S4Labour has built-in tools to help your business stay legally compliant. Right to work for international employees, contracts, pensions, minimum wage regulations, and entitlements to breaks in shifts can all be managed through the system.

Organisation Specific Settings

S4Labour is designed with standard settings to suit a diverse range of hospitality businesses. However, if changes are required to suit your business’s bespoke needs, settings can be customised through a consultative process with our experienced product managers. 

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