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HR Module

S4Labour is more than a labour scheduling tool. The extensive HR module allows users to quickly and simply manage the human side of their business. After all, people are at the heart of the hospitality industry.

HR Functionalities:

Holiday Management

Managing employees’ holiday entitlements and payments can be a minefield for operators. S4Labour takes away the strain by tracking holiday accrual in a simple, intuitive report. Employees also have the ability to request holiday time through the system. The days of the scruffy holiday calendar on the office wall are over.

Right to Work

S4Labour helps you ensure that you stay on top of the complex issue of managing your employees’ right to work. A link to the Home Office provides up to date details of acceptable documentation for workers of all nationalities, and scans or photographs of paperwork can be uploaded against an employee’s profile and stored in a GDPR-compliant digital system. Managers are notified in the case of Right to Work documentation expiring.  


We can help you get rid of the paper trail by moving your employees’ contracts onto our entirely online system. We can create digital replicas of your existing contracts, which staff sign virtually, and are stored in the cloud for easy access whenever required. 

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S4Labour takes the complicated legislation behind Statutory Sick Pay and makes it simple, automatically assigning sick pay to employees where applicable. Organisations working with their own bespoke sick pay rules can have these written into the system as part of a consultative set-up process.

Absence & Lateness

Detailed reports on employee absence and lateness, populated automatically from your rota, make it simple to uphold the highest standards of attendance and timekeeping within your business, improving service levels to drive repeat custom.

Lieu Days

Lieu days for employees who have worked over their contracted days or hours can easily be assigned on the S4Labour rota, while a comprehensive report allows head office staff to consider the hours worked of all employees within their organisation.

Reinstate Employees

The ability to reinstate former employees who return to your business saves the hassle of having to manually re-enter their personal details, without the risk of falsely creating a record of continuous employment.

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Document Uploads

Upload all the documentation relating to your employees – from sick notes to P45s and exit interview forms – to S4Labour for storage in the cloud. Storing everything digitally in one place is the ultimate efficiency upgrade. Say goodbye to the overflowing filing cabinet. 

Employee Appraisals

The most effective teams are those motivated by investment in their career development. Track your employees’ progress and manage long term development goals by logging customisable appraisal notes. Reminders that appraisals are due also take a load off managers’ minds.

Disciplinaries & Grievances

In the unfortunate event of disciplinaries or grievances occurring, it’s important to stay compliant with the law and company policy. S4Labour makes this simple by allowing the upload of customisable forms and the easy logging of these events.

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