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Pubs – Single Sites

Supporting small pub operators is how S4Labour got started. Today we continue to excel working with innovative single sites, from established venues to equally ambitious newcomers.

Pubs provide some of hospitality’s most varied customer journeys. Whether your trade is driven by guests enjoying a quick drink in a city centre site, or sitting down to a three course meal in a food-led destination location, S4Labour adapts perfectly to every style of business.

Single site pubs will always be a focus at S4Labour because these operators consistently share one thing – passion for their offering! With the technicalities of labour scheduling squared away, our clients can focus their creative flair toward delivering the best customer experience.

A selection of our single site customers:


“S4Labour gives me peace of mind that my customers are being served. No one is left waiting, and on the flip side, we don’t have people on shift when they aren’t needed” – Martin Cartwright, Director, Sheldon Inns Pub Management

                                               Beers and Burgers at the Queens Head Pinner

                                          Making the most of the sunshine, Tap Tavern, Richmond 

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Some of our Customers

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