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June Sales Figures

Posted by - Last updated: Friday July 05th 2019


3.3% fall in like for like hospitality sales in June 2019.


According to analysis of more than 100 organisations that use S4labour software, sales of both food and drink across the sector took a hit this June. Tough trading condition coupled with lower temperatures, higher levels of rainfall and being compared to the same trading period in 2018 where the Fifa World Cup was in full flow, has meant many operators struggled to reproduce the same performance in June 2019 as they did in June 2018.  


The story in venues where drinks make up the majority of sales was an overall drop off by 4.6%, compared to June 2018.  


Food led business also saw a drop in like for like sales, however the impact was less acute. Food sales remained relatively steady with only a 0.3% decline, yet drink sales fell by 3.9%.


Food sales in food focused pubs have been quite resilient this year, while drink focused operators have experienced much more fluctuation and have been more susceptible to exterior factors.  

Matt Sweetman

Digital Marketing Manager

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