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May Sales Figures

Posted by - Last updated: Wednesday June 05th 2019

Drink sales drive a 1% rise in sales for hospitality revenues in May 2019.


According to analysis of more than 100 organisations that use S4labour software, a spike in sales at drink focused venues drove an overall 1% rise in sales across the sector. The latest sales figures show a resilient bounce back from Aprils sales dip and encouraging results for drink focused business going forward.


The success of British football clubs in the later stages of the Champions League this year helped push an overall 2.3% rises in sales at drinks business. While food sales slipped by 1.2% in drinks venues, there was a very encouraging uplift of 3.1% in the sale of drink.


The success in drink focused businesses was at the expense of some food focused establishments where there were slightly less positive results. A boost of 0.5% in food sales was not enough to stop an overall drop off of 0.4% in sales, owing to the decline of 1.5% in drink sales. The warm weather was possibly a factor in driving some diners to light the BBQ at home rather than eating out.

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