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November Sales Figures

Posted by - Last updated: Wednesday December 04th 2019

Like for like sales figures grow 6% for hospitality providers in November 2019.


According to analysis of more than 1,500 sites using S4labour software, overall like for like sales grew by 6.0% in November 2019 compared with the same month in 2018.


There was positive like for like growth for both food and drink sales with the split being relatively equal. Food sales grew by 5.5%, with drinks sales up 6.2%.


Like previous months, there was a geographic skew towards London and the rest of the country, with like for likes up 7.5% in the capital, while sites outside London had a positive 5.6% increase in like for likes.


Across the country, it was drinks focused business that saw the greater sales growth in November, with a 6.8% rise in like for like sales, while food led business, who have typically had the better like for like figures throughout 2019, we up 4.9%.


The positive like for likes in November follow modest growth in October and operators will hope that it’s a good signal for Christmas trading.

Matt Sweetman

Digital Marketing Manager

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